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Please email info@purelandpictures.com if you’d like to see the below short films and we’ll send you a private link.

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Isaac is a sucky babysitter whose true passion is comedy. Unfortunately for him, he's not that talented and he's kind of a jerk.  When a tinder date brings a new lady into his life, things are looking up but not for long.  Isaac fills in at his roommates' improv group and not only bombs but also offends everyone in the room.  Will Isaac get his act together? Probably not but maybe he's not such a bad babysitter after all.

The film was shot in Brooklyn and stars Isaac Jay, Ethan Slater, Nana Mensah, Andrew Nam Chul Osborne and Emily’s young daughters making their big screen debut.

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Sonequa Martin Green (who starred in "Toe to Toe" and is now starring in "Star Trek: Discovery") and her husband Kenric Green hired Emily to direct this suspenseful short. This film is the result of their fun and speedy collaboration. It was shot on location at the couple’s Los Angeles home in just 14 hours!

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This is a narrative short film about two fun-loving city girls grappling with under-employment.  Emily wrote and directed the short for a Bloomingdale's campaign that showcased young, independent filmmakers. Other selected filmmakers included Barry Jenkins and Anthony Campos.



“Aisha, the American” is about a young Muslim-American woman who seeks adventure by visiting her cousin in London. Feeling torn between her cousin’s strict rules and the wily ways of her new boyfriend, Aisha finds solace in her faith.

“Aisha, the American” was funded by the UK Fulbright Commission and was Emily’s thesis film at Columbia University Graduate Film School.



“Fancy Girl” is about a young artists’ struggle towards financial independence and the landlord that forces her to pay up.

The film features “Take It From Me” subject Valentina Ruiz making her acting debut. It was awarded faculty honors at the Columbia University Graduate Film Program Film Festival.